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Year End Message from Vint Cerf

Dear Internauts,

Another year has gone by but this one has been particularly productive for the Solar System Internet work of the IPNSIG. I want to acknowledge especially three areas of significant progress:

1. The Project Working Group, led by Oscar Garcia, has been growing in membership and making major progress putting ION and other BPv7 implementations onto new operating system and hardware platforms. Scott Johnson has outfitted BPv7 ION with an IPv6 convergence layer – a major undertaking. Please see Oscar’s PWG report for more information.

2. The digital library has grown dramatically, curated by Laura Chappell working with Scott Burleigh. This is turning into a major reference resource for people interested in the SSI.

3. The Architecture and Governance Working Group (AWG), led by Kaneko, our Chairman, has had substantive discussions aided especially by James Green (former Chief Scientist of NASA) and Scott Pace (former Executive Director of the US National Space Council).

We are on the cusp of an exciting re-entry into human and robotic space exploration and commercialization. As we embark on this journey, I cannot help but think about the consequences of the discovery of the Americas in 1492 (not counting Leif Ericsson around 1000 AD!). A new world and new economic development accompanied by a range of conflicting interests. It was not until 1648 that the Peace of Westphalia established principles that still guide international relations today.

As we embark on this new journey, as a species, I hope we can put aside conflict and recognize our mutual interests as Earthlings beginning a historic new journey into our Solar System and, someday, perhaps beyond that.


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