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August 14 (5:00 pm Eastern Time)

DTN over Lasercom Relay

Dave Israel (NASA/GSFC)

with Alan Hylton (NASA/GSFC) and Dan Raible (NASA/GRC)

NASA recently concluded a series of DTN experiments and demonstrations with the International Space Station over laser communications links through NASA’s Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) payload in geosynchronous orbit.  Demonstrations included file transfers and streaming video through multiple nodes, paths, and scenarios. Dave Israel, Goddard’s Near Space Network Architect and LCRD Principal Investigator will update us on the lasercom demonstration and its relation to the future of the Near Space Network and LunaNet. He will be joined by Alan Hylton, PI for the LCRD DTN Experiments, and Dan Raible, PI for the High-Rate DTN (HDTN) project.


IPNSIG works to expand the Internet into space

IPNSIG was founded in 1998 by Vint Cerf and researchers within academia and NASA/JPL. We are now a full Chapter within the Internet Society, known as the Interplanetary Chapter. We work to extend terrestrial networking into solar system space, which is consistent with the Internet Society’s objectives to grow the internet to unpopulated areas, and connect the unconnected domain—and to ensure that even in space, “The Internet is for Everyone”.

Read about how we can build and manage the Solar System Internet in
our Architecture and Governance report.

Solar System Internet Architecture and Governance Cover Image
The Milky Way

Read about our strategy toward a solar system Internet for humanity

Get the Strategy Working Group report here


Expand networking to interplanetary space,
for the benefit of humanity


Create a common vision for an Interplanetary Network with stakeholders


Shape the future of an Interplanetary Network by presenting a narrative and roadmap


Promote and increase the maturity of DTN Technology through use in terrestrial and space application

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