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Our Mission

The IPNSIG Pilot Projects Working Group, with members from several continents, is developing technologies to test and refine the Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) protocols that will permit an Interplanetary Internet to be used on Earth and Space.

​For this goal, the PWG has created the PWG Network, a Global DTN  Network to expand the usage of the DTN Protocols.


Key Members

Oscar Garcia PWG Lead - IPNSIG Board Member
Vint Cerf - PWG Advisor - IPNSIG Board Member
Scott Burleigh - PWG Advisor - IPNSIG Board Member
Alberto Montilla - PWG Meetings Organization and Advisory

​IPNSIG Board Member Subgroups
Samo Grasic - PWG Technical Subgroup Lead - Sweden
Facundo Novik - PWG Network Support  - Argentina
Jorge Amodio - DTN Lab - United States of America


On this network, the PWG engages in exercising scale, interoperability, and management of DTN and experiment with use cases and applications to be used in space and Earth. Our members currently number over thirty testers and researchers in 13 countries. Join us by visiting our blog site:

List of Countries

United States, Argentina, Sweden, Germany, Italy,  Spain,  Slovenia, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, India, Oman, Panama.

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