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Announcing Strategy Working Group Report

The IPNSIG is excited to announce the release of the report, “Strategy Toward a Solar System Internet For Humanity” [IPNSIG] SWG REPORT 2021-June

Report cover

Assembled by the IPNSIG’s Strategy Working Group (SWG), this constitutes the first attempt to lay out a strategy toward the realization of a Solar System Internet (SSI).

In this report, and taking into account the lessons learned from the creation and deployment of the Internet, we have addressed the different challenges that will define the future of this endeavour, looking a hundred years ahead. Among them:

How to deliver a Solar System Internet? A mission to carry out such an endeavor will require the engagement of many stakeholders: governments, academia, private sector and the general public. To help address this, we’ve laid out a set of strategic principles that would guide the public-private efforts needed to deliver this collective mission, together with an overview of the involvement of the different stakeholders over time.

Related to this, how to realize an interplanetary connectivity infrastructure that will remain sustainable: neutral, open and decentralized? For which, we’ve laid out a set of key properties that would ideally be assumed by public and private stakeholders in the pursuit of an SSI.

Potential technical, operational and political challenges toward the development of an SSI are also addressed and discussed.

Altogether to present an early roadmap of recommended actions toward an SSI, and stating how the IPNSIG will contribute in the pursuit of this endeavor. Indeed, the IPNSIG will keep developing its current Working Groups, with the goal of accomplishing the roles it has envisioned.

Our final goal with this report is to help us all acknowledge, based on evidence and lessons learned, that the collective creation and development of an SSI could be possible.

Because of this, and following the release of this report, we will engage in advocacy efforts to communicate this message to relevant public and private stakeholders, in hopes to kickstart awareness about the creation of a Solar System Internet.

I am proud to march forward in this endeavor, together with the great team that we have, and with the entire IPNSIG membership.

Last but not least: this report was furnished thanks to the inputs, ideas and suggestions that you shared with us at the successful IPNSIG Strategy Workshop held in February, 2021

This quest is a collective one, and a huge thanks to your engagement and support. Let us know of any comments, feedback or further proposals to the report, if any, by emailing We welcome your voices.

Download the report:

Thank you.

SWG Lead and Chair of IPNSIG

Yosuke Kaneko


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