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IPNSIG February Newsletter Dear Membership, On behalf of the IPNSIG board, I am pleased to announce the launch of the “IPNSIG Academy” – an educational platform that will cultivate interest, and passion which will result in building expertise in future generations as they work toward realizing an Interplanetary Network (IPN) in the coming 100 years. Our vision at IPNSIG is focused upon enabling a common Solar System Internet (SSI) infrastructure that would benefit all humanity. Instilling this vision and conveying it to future generations will push us forward in that bold endeavor. The “IPNSIG Academy” will serve to propel those efforts by kicking off a series of talks, covering multiple facets surrounding the Interplanetary Network and SSI. In 2022, the IPNSIG Academy will start by addressing the 100 year long-term vision of IPN/SSI; its technological developments (mainly in the area of the DTN protocols), its architectural concepts and issues around governance that would support the operation of the architecture and infrastructure. We have engaged many prestigious and prominent speakers from around the globe. They will be delivering talks relevant to each of these IPN areas. The last session will culminate in a workshop in which we will have discussions on Architecture and Governance with the entire membership.

(The detailed program will be posted on the IPNSIG website soon.) IPNSIG continues to strive to do great things together with our membership and again, we are really excited to get engaged with you all at the Academy! We will update you with dates and times for each of the talks in further newsletters. For any inquiries on this newsletter, please drop a note here: <> Sincerely, Yosuke Kaneko IPNSIG Chair


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