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IPNSIG member Juan Fraire has crafted an excellent set of new logos for IPNSIG. We will be increasingly incorporating these into our website and communications. Members of the IPNSIG board met with Juan repeatedly over the past couple of months to discuss the logo and review iterations. We’re really pleased with the results, and we trust you will be pleased also. Various versions of the logo are shown below.

In the words of the designer:

This logo intends to express the shape of concentric circular orbits accompanied by stars on the background. Orbital paths are discontinuous, to transmit the feeling of disruption, a natural feature of interplanetary networking. Color codes are lighter at the center mimicking sun/star light. Notice the logo works on clear/dark backgrounds (i.e., paper, space flyers, publicity, etc.) and plain black/ white versions are adequate for monochrome printing.

Thanks so much to Juan for his work!


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