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November Newsletter

The IETF DTN Working group is meeting next Friday, 11 November, at 0700-0900 EDT.

Remote registration for a single day is $125 ($50 for students). You may register here.

The agenda for this meeting is:

  • Admin, Chairs, 10 mins.

  • Charter and Milestone Overview and Discussion, 20 mins.

    • DTN Chairs

  • BPv7 Types Registry Extension, 15 mins.

    • Brian Sipos

  • BPv7 Wireshark Dissector Review and Demonstration, 10 mins

    • Brian Sipos

  • BPSec COSE Security Context Status, 10mins

    • Brian Sipos

  • BPSec Policy Best Practices and Demonstration, 15 mins

    • Sarah Heiner

  • Asynchronous Management Aerchitecture Updates, 15 mins

    • Emery Annis

  • Challenged Network Management Tooling, 10 mins

    • Sarah Helble

  • Any other business / Open Mic, 15 mins

This meeting (and upcoming ones) are our opportunity to express the requirements / needs of the space community to IETF as they evolve the commercial DTN standards. The Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) often seeks to profile the commercial standards for use in space and strives for interoperability with them. Ensuring that the IETF standards can accommodate the needs of the space community is critical to advancing the status and interoperability of the systems that will form the Solar System Internet (SSI).


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