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Welcome to 2024!

Dear IPNSIG members,

As we step into the dawn of a promising New Year, I want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we've had together in the past year and express my heartfelt wishes for 2024.


Each member plays a vital role in our shared mission, and we are thrilled to announce some remarkable milestones and exciting initiatives that highlight our collective impact.

connected nodes in space
Expand networking to interplanetary space, for the benefit of humanity


Thriving Membership

Our membership has soared past the 1000 mark and continues to grow steadily. This achievement is a testament to the shared passion and commitment of our members. Your dedication fuels our mission, and we are excited to welcome new voices and perspectives to realize our vision. Let’s grow our vehicle even bigger this year.


PWG Project Work

The Pilot Projects Working Group (PWG) continues to be one of the most active groups within IPNSIG to mature the DTN technology. Spanning from caves, the Arctic to track reindeer, healthcare in Space, and the ground-based DTN Test network, the PWG has been vital in facilitating DTN in various use cases. All of which are to be future-ready for the Interplanetary Network.


Study on Interplanetary Internet Governance

The AWG was extremely active, studying the future architectural and governance challenges of the Interplanetary Internet. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the IPNSIG published report, authored by the many global leaders from around the world.


IPNSIG Academy Monthly Sessions

Empowering everyone with a passion for the Interplanetary Internet is one of our core missions. The IPNSIG Academy continues to be a beacon of learning, hosting enlightening sessions every month. Laura Chappell, Ginny Spicer, and Mike Snell led us last year, hosting over 10 sessions inviting global leaders from around the world.


Inspiring the Future, the "100 Year Vision" Video

We were thrilled to unveil the "100 Year Vision" video, which delivers the expansion of the Interplanetary Internet from Earth to the deep skies, spanning our solar system. This visionary video encapsulates our aspirations, goals, and the outcome of the Interplanetary Internet. We invite you to visit here, if you haven’t seen it yet.


Looking back on the DTN history, the “DTN Retrospective" Video

The DTN concept has matured since its inception in the late 1990s. The "DTN Retrospective" video, led by Scott Burleigh and Mike Snell, covers our historical milestones and contains footage of how the DTN has matured. Come and visit here to look back on our history.


Aside from these activities, the first Space x Internet Summit was held at Interop in collaboration with WIDE in Tokyo, Japan - the first year that Interop highlighted Space, and we were extremely proud to host this event. Ronny Bull, Marius Feldman, Juan Fraire, Oscar Garcia, and Alberto Montilla came on stage to share their developments in DTN. The IPNSIG also presented at the APNIC convention, EuroDig, and many other forums and events to broaden the impact of our important work.


Lastly, your active engagement and contributions remain the core of who we are.

Let’s do great things together.

Happy New Year to everyone.



Yosuke Kaneko, President

Yosuke Kaneko headshot
Yosuke Kaneko


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