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Connecting Clouds with DTN

A historical feat connecting clouds with DTN by IPNSIG members!

On Friday, November 27, 2020, Oscar Garcia, Board Member of IPNSIG and developer of the Medical Records System for Space Exploration, and Dr. Larissa Suzuki, Data/AI Practice Lead of United Kingdom and Ireland at Google, DTN expert at Google and member of IPNSIG, made the first DTN-enabled interconnection between servers in the Google and Amazon cloud services.

DTN between Google, AWS

The first message between the servers was the salutation and response between Mr. Garcia and Dr. Suzuki sent at 5:36 PM UTC (Universal Standard TIme), 12:36 EST. This development, sponsored by IPNSIG, and inspired by Vinton Cerf, Board Member of IPNSIG and one of the Fathers of the Internet, was technically advised by Scott Burleigh, from NASA/JPL and developer of the ION implementation of the DTN Bundle Protocol currently used in the International Space Station, and was supported by Michael Snell, past IPNSIG President and currently Secretary/Treasurer.

This achievement was the product of several months of development in applying the Interplanetary Bundle Protocol to demonstrate the use of DTN techniques to interconnect existing terrestrial systems. Several applications are in development between IPNSIG members and other groups for the utilization of the Bundle Protocol for situations like first responders, medical records, e-commerce and others for conditions where regular Internet connectivity is not permanently available or stable.

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