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Executive Summary of the IPNSIG Strategy Workshop

The IPNSIG Strategy Working Group (SWG) carried out a workshop on “How can we build a sustainable IPN?” on Feb. 22nd.

For the first time in history, high level strategic principles and the strategic approaches to guide the deployment of a Solar System Internet (SSI) driven by the Inter-Planetary Networking technology has been discussed with 85 participants from 10 nations across the globe.

Thanks to every IPNSIG community member who attended, and with your input, we are now halfway on our road to deliver a Strategy Report on how to deliver an SSI.

At the workshop, the SWG presented their vision on how the SSI architecture or its operation model could change over time in the 30 to 100 years and shared their views on the key principles that would support the evolution of it.

The SWG introduced the key principles that include Collaboration, Global Standards, Stability, Democracy, Affordability, Expandability and Security.

As the construct of SSI is a human endeavor, the SWG presented their strategic approaches on the concept of vision sharing, co-creation, risk sharing and pooling & sharing to be put in place by the public and the private sectors.

Excellent views were shared by the participants:

  • Global standards are the enablers to cultivate business cases and eventually an ecosystem by the commercial sector.

  • Entities who provides funds to build SSI may have control over the Global standards.

  • Cultivating public interest is significant and will be a strong thrust to realize our endeavors in SSI.

IPNSIG will be planning for more workshops in the future.


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