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September Newsletter

Dear IPNSIG members,

Since I assumed chair last year, many vigorous activities have been undertaken at IPNSIG, propelling our efforts even further to expand networking to space.

Just one year ago, I felt a need to lay out a narrative and some strategic efforts to be assessed toward establishing an interplanetary network. That was high on my agenda. After several intense discussions at the Strategy Working Group and at our engaging workshop held February 2021, IPNSIG has successfully published a strategic roadmap in the form of a Strategy Report.

Today, the report has been shared with the leaderships of the space agencies and private entities across the globe. IPNSIG has also offered to participate in an assembly to further refine the concept of the strategy together, working to shape the future of an interplanetary network.

In light of these exciting events, I am delighted to share that the board recently adopted a new VISION and MISSION STATEMENT to articulate our goals and roles in the development of our endeavors.

The other good news is that we are progressing to become the first space chapter at ISOC and at the same time, the plan is for IPNSIG to file as a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization operating in the State of California.

Your engagement with our mission continues to make a difference. Your passion, expertise, and contributions are all the impetus that brings us closer to realizing our new vision.

So please, let us know of your interests, comments or feedback by sending email to We will always be happy to address them.

Your voice makes a difference. Let’s make our journey even more exciting.


Yosuke Kaneko


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