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IPN Video Resources

As promised, here are a number of short videos (none over 7 minutes) that explain basic elements of DTN. Some also include historical information and explanations of the problems DTN solves in constrained environments.

Short (slightly under two minutes) simple animation developed by JPL to explain the basic problems that DTN solves and the basic store-carry-forward architecture.

A slightly longer (about 5 minutes) and slightly more technical animation developed by JPL to illustrate how DTN store-carry-forward approach and custody transfer work.

Basically audio playing against a simple (and non-changing) background with an animated speaker. Good verbal content, but in the later portions, it presupposes a level of computer networking knowledge that would probably make the content difficult for a newbie to absorb.

Another simple NASA video that should be useful for the newbie. This one graphically demonstrates how DTN significantly increases throughput compared to traditional IP in a space data communications environment.

Another pretty simple JPL animation that should be easily understood by the newbie. This one graphically compares the throughput of TCP, UDP and DTN—particularly emphasizing the difference in data throughput between TCP and DTN and the difference in data loss between UDP and DTN.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Disruption Tolerant Networking Summary comprised of video clips and animations. Vint Cerf is prominently featured, but if you look carefully, you can spot other

IPNSIG board members (Scott Burleigh and Jay Wyatt) and friends (Leigh Torgerson)


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