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March Board Meeting Summary

The IPNSIG Board met last Thursday, 18-Mar-2021. We wanted to update our members about that meeting and the major items discussed and decisions reached.

  1. The Board decided to apply for Chapter status within ISOC later this year. The decision was made to further expand and broaden the impact of IPNSIG activities as a standing ISOC chapter. Time frame for the application process to start is probably the beginning of the third quarter. No action will be required of current members. If our application is approved, current SIG members will become Chapter members.

  2. The Board confirmed that we will complete filing with the State of California and the United States Internal Revenue Service to establish our 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation status. This will greatly facilitate fund raising and is a requirement for Chapter formation.

  3. The Board confirmed earlier discussions that we will continue to coordinate and assist in organizing the annual STINT Workshops. If you recall, we helped STINT last year in securing speakers for its annual workshop and in marketing the event.

  4. Kaneko updated the board regarding early planning for a Projects Working Group (PWG) Workshop to be conducted as a webinar, which is to be conducted jointly with the Strategy Working Group (SWG). Stay tuned for more information.

Thanks for your continued participation and support.


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