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Pilot Projects Work Group Announcement

Today, we are pleased to announce the formation of the Pilot Projects Work Group (PWG).

Work Group Lead:

Oscar Garcia – Unified Medical Records – DHIN Inc.

Work Group Members:

Dr. Larissa Suzuki – Google Inc.

Dr. Alberto Montilla Bravo – Spatiam Corporation

Juan Fraire – CONICET – National University of Cordoba – Argentina

Alberto Montilla Ochoa – Spatiam CorporationJesus David Terrazas – University of Manitoba – Canada

Work Group Advisors:

Scott Burleigh – Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA

Dr. Keith Scott – Mitre Corporation

Several IPNSIG members have shown their interest in joining the PWG activities and will be introduced to the group in subsequent meetings.

PWG is committed to expanding the use of DTN in practical situations in different landscapes. Members of PWG will be working in implementing DTN in various areas such as:

  • connectivity between Clouds services

  • first responder’s system for emergency situations

  • medical records for space exploration

  • IoT and interfacing with Clouds

  • communications in extreme environments

  • security

  • routing in Space and Earth

  • e-commerce over satellite networks

  • imagery analysis and processing with artificial intelligence using Cloud services

  • technical tools for testing connectivity and stability

  • fast deployment kits

  • DTN protocols integration to off the shelf operating systems, programming languages and database engines

We are committed to the success of our mission and are also eager to hear about initiatives from IPNSIG members who are engaged in research and implementation of DTN technologies. If you are developing DTN applications and you would like to share your experience, please contact PWG at

Some references to efforts by the PWG members:

Presentations at the Space-Terrestrial Internetworking workshop (STINT) in October 2020.

Testing Connectivity between Clouds using DTN – one of the first demonstrations that successfully completed its first stage in January 2021.

Best regards,

Oscar Garcia, Pilot Projects Working Group Lead

IPNSIG Board Member


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